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Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: Coding

Kindergarten Coding Login

Mrs. O'Hare 

Mrs. Saint -     

Second Grade Coding Login

Miss Cosgrove -

Miss Ford -     

Fourth Grade Coding Login

Mrs. Papa -      

Mrs. Thompson -

Dance Party

Google Bunny Coding

Google Coding Bunny


Blockly Games

Disney Moana Coding

Grace Hopper

First Grade Coding Login

Miss Kelly -     

Miss Salvador - 

Third Grade Coding Login

Fifth Grade Coding Login

Kano Harry Potter Coding

Disney Baymax Coding

Grinch Hour of Code

Computer Science Education Week

Happy Computer Science Education Week!!

December 9-13th Unplugged Move it Move it

Through using students will have the opportunity to learn computer science.

Students will learn to use coding language to construct basic algorithmic operations


Introduction video on

Tynker Coding: Candy Quest

Kodable Coding

Scratch Coding Tutorials

Khan Academy Coding

Standards Addressed


I(Inquire). B (Create). 3: Generating products that illustrate learning.

I(Inquire). D (Grow). 3: Enacting new understanding through real-world connections.

V(Explore). B (Create). 1: Problem solving through cycles of design, implementation, and reflection.