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Whelan School Elementary Library: Typing


Ghost Typing

Trick or Type

Keyboard Invasion


Save the Sailboat Race

Cup Stack Keyboarding

Typing Club

Typing Course

Learning Games for Kids

Marcelino's Letters-learning the keys on the keyboard

How to Type Tutorial

Typing Test

We will be using for our tests and lessons.

Start with fingers on the home row keys.  When finished, record the date, your speed and accuracy.


Typing Test on

You must sign in to your account first in order for the program to keep a record of your scores. Make sure you record your scores on your logs.

Games on

    There are games on that you can access two ways. (1.) Hit the "Games" button on the top bar of the site or (2.) click on the games below.

Keyboard Ninja


Tommy Q Zombie Defender


Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs


Keyboard Climber 2


Baron Von Typesfast





Fire Typer


Dance Mat Typing

Big Brown Bear Typing

Typing Adventure

The Frogs Are Off Their Diet

Keyboard Revolution

ABCya Keyboard Challenge

Keyboard Zoo

Keyboard Zoo 2

Typing Rocker

Typing Race