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Highlighting Documents in Google Docs

1. Create a document in Google Docs and enter text. Use your cursor to select the portion of the text you want to highlight.

2. Click the "Text background color" button in the formatting bar at the top of the screen-it is the letter A with a background color box and a drop down arrow.

3. Choose the color you want for your highlighting and click on it.

4. The section of text you selected will now appear highlighted in the document.

Highlight green childhood/family background/birthplace/date of birth (Introduction Paragraph)

Highlight blue: background and education information (Body Paragraph # 1)

Highlight red: struggles (Body Paragraph # 2)

Highlight yellow: achievements (Body Paragraph # 3)

Important Guidelines for Saving Notes and Highlights in Gale Database and Google Drive


1. Sign in with Google at the top of the page. ALL steps MUST be completed for EACH SESSION that you are signed in. All highlights and notes will disappear after you sign out UNLESS you SAVE TO GOOGLE DRIVE on the right task bar BEFORE you end each session.

2. AFTER you highlight and take notes on your article, you  must SAVE TO GOOGLE DRIVE on the right task bar for your highlighted article. Do this FIRST.

3. AFTER you SAVE your highlighted article to Google Drive, use the MENU tab in the top right corner to drop down and select: HIGHLIGHTS AND NOTES to create your three column notes. You MUST have a NOTE for each section that you highlight.

4. SAVE your highlights and notes three column page by clicking SAVE TO GOOGLE DRIVE on the right task bar.

REMEMBER: You click SAVE TO GOOGLE DRIVE twice! Once for your HIGHLIGHTED ARTICLE and next for your HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES three column page.

Gale Databases and Google: Google Drive Integration Tip Sheet