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East Greenwich High School Library Media Production Lab: This I Believe

This project was made possible in part by a grant written by EGHS Librarian Michelle Steever from the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services using funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Mr. Kenney - This I Believe Assignment

This I Believe - NPR

How to Use Vocaroo to Create, Save and Download a Sound Recording

Tutorial for Using Vocaroo to record, save, and download a sound recording.  
*Find a quiet place to record in your home.  Practice your speech so that you are more relaxed and can talk slowly and with inflection.  You may want to create a script or an outline to make sure you cover all of the project requirements and talk about everything you had planned to discuss.


1.  Open Vocaroo by clicking on the image below or by going to home page

2.  When you are ready to record, click on the RED microphone.  The red box will begin flashing.  To pause, select the Vocaroo pause button (pause) button. Select the Vocaroo play button (play) button to begin recording again.  Click on the RED  Vocaroo Stop Button (stop) button to finish your recording.

Vocaroo recording screen

3.  Once you are finished recording, Vocaroo provides you with options for saving and sharing your sound file.  Before you do that, Vocaroo play button LISTEN to your recording.  Make sure you have completed the project requirements.  If you want to improve upon your first recording, select the ROUND RED Vocaroo Re-Record Button re-record button.  If you are happy with your recording, select the SAVE & SHARE button.

Vocaroo Save and Share

4.  We want you to download this file so that you own the recording, and can upload that file to our class Google Form.  Select Vocaroo Download button from the list of options.

Vocaroo Download Screen

5.  The sound file will automatically be saved to your download folder on your Chromebook.  The title of the file will be Vocaroo with the date and time the file was created.  This is the file you will attach in the Google Form found on the right side of this webpage.