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Rockwell Elementary School Library: Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat Character Study with Kindergartners

Meet Pete the Cat!

What can we learn about Pete the Cat from his books?

Learning Targets

I can ask and answer questions about things I do not understand in a book or presentation.

Common Core State Standard

CC.K.SL.2 Comprehension and Collaboration: Confirm understanding of a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media by asking and answering questions about key details and requesting clarification if something is not understood.

American Association of School Librarians' Standards for the 21st Century Learner

1.1.6 Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format (e.g., textual, visual, media, digital) in order to make inferences and gather meaning. 

Digital and Media Literacy Skills

I can use the mouse.

I understand how symbols work;

I can play, fast forward, rewind, stop and pause a video.

I can compare and contrast the characters, actions and themes in the videos.


Pete the Cat Activities

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes

Pete the Cat: Wheels on the Bus

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

Pete the Cat's Groovy Guide to Life