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Rockwell Elementary School Library: Research



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CultureGrams - States for Grade 4

Exploring Nature

Scholastic News

A to Z Animals

San Diego Zoo's Cams and Videos

Roger Williams Park Zoo

Fact Monster



PBS: World Explorers:

Mr. Nussbaum's Famous Explorers Web Page


Enchanted Learning - Online Explorer Encyclopedia

Mr. Nussbaum's Explorers for Kids

Prentice Hall's Animated Maps of Explorers' Routes






Mythology for Grade 5


Greek and Roman Mythology on MythWeb


Norse Mythology on Kidipede.  Web site open to Thor web page -



Native American Research for Grade 5

Make Your Bibliography with NoodleTools Express

You can use the NoodleTools Express website to make a bibliographic citation for each source you used.  You will copy and paste each bibliographic citation into a Word document to create a bibliography. Make sure that when you copy/paste the bibliographic citation into your Word document that you put them into alphabetical order base don the author's last name.


1. Open a Word document and type your name in the upper left corner and then press "Enter".  

2. Type Bibliography and center it.  Save the Word doc on the (H:) drive.  Title is yournameExBib.  For example, mine would be MsGalipeauExBib.  (Ex=Explorer)

3. Minimize the Word document.  

NOW make sure you have any books and source notes or a rough draft paper bibliography list you used with you at the computer.  You are ready to use on the links below to make your first bibliographic citation.

 Select your source -


Bibliography Help - Cite Your Sources Properly

Internet Public Library for Kids

EBSCO Explora