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Rockwell Elementary School Library: Research



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CultureGrams - States for Grade 4

Exploring Nature

Scholastic News

Internet Public Library for Kids

A to Z Animals

EBSCO Explora

San Diego Zoo's Cams and Videos

Roger Williams Park Zoo

Fact Monster


Kids Click


Grade 5 Writing Topics - January 2017

WAR OF 1812

Maryland Public Television's War of 1812 Overview

Mr. Nussbaum's War of 1812 for Kids

Library of Congress for Kids' War of 1812


The Cherokee Nation's "A Proud Heritage"

National Park Service's Overview of "What is the Trail of Tears?" (Includes map)

Library of Congress for Kids' Chief Little John and The "Trail of Tears"


University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Article

Bureau of Land Management's "Kids on the Trail" for Oregon Trail

Bureau of Land Management's Excerpts of Primary Sources



PBS: World Explorers:

Mr. Nussbaum's Famous Explorers Web Page


Enchanted Learning - Online Explorer Encyclopedia

Mr. Nussbaum's Explorers for Kids

Prentice Hall's Animated Maps of Explorers' Routes

Mariners' Museum - Age of Discovery


Interactive Timeline:





Make Your Bibliography with NoodleTools Express

You can use the NoodleTools Express website to make a bibliographic citation for each source you used.  You will copy and paste each bibliographic citation into a Word document to create a bibliography. Make sure that when you copy/paste the bibliographic citation into your Word document that you put them into alphabetical order base don the author's last name.


1. Open a Word document and type your name in the upper left corner and then press "Enter".  

2. Type Bibliography and center it.  Save the Word doc on the (H:) drive.  Title is yournameExBib.  For example, mine would be MsGalipeauExBib.  (Ex=Explorer)

3. Minimize the Word document.  

NOW make sure you have any books and source notes or a rough draft paper bibliography list you used with you at the computer.  You are ready to use on the links below to make your first bibliographic citation.

 Select your source -


Bibliography Help - Cite Your Sources Properly

Mythology for Grade 5


Greek and Roman Mythology on MythWeb


Norse Mythology on Kidipede.  Web site open to Thor web page -

Freya, Odin, Loki, Tyr are also available on the web site.

Norse Mythology from the BBC

Grade's Digital Timeline Created Using Kahoot

Native American Research for Grade 5

Character Scrapbook