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Stadium Research Guides: States

Guides for class projects

The United States of America


Click the image below to enter CultureGrams. 

Then choose the States Edition.  


Encyclopedia - Intermediate


Tourism:  Promotion of activities for people visiting a place

To find a state's Tourism information search Google with the following search terms:  

StateName Tourism Council 


Research Assignment

Use books and approved websites to find information about a US state.  Use this information to create the assigned end product.  

Find Information in a Book

We have books about states on the Reference book shelf.  


CCSs for Reading Informational Text 7 - 8

Students will read for integration of knowledge and ideas.

CCSs for Writing 7 - 9

Students will research to build and present knowledge.‚Äč

AAS Library Standards 1, 3

Students will inquire, think, critically, and gain knowledge.

Students will share  knowledge and participate ethically and productively.