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Stadium Research Guides: Colonial Settlement

Guides for class projects

American Colonies

Colonial Settlement

New England Region                 Middle Region                    Southern Region  

New England ColoniesMiddle Colonies Southern Colonies

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Approved Websites

Use these approved websites to research the colonial regions: 

Books from Our Catalog

Look for books about Colonial America at 973 in the Nonfiction section of our library.  Here are a few titles to get you started.

Research Assignment

Use books and approved websites to find information about a Colonial Settlement of America.  Use this information to create Google Slides presentation of the area.  

Research the following for the travel brochure: 

1. Economy

  • Jobs:  How did they make money? 
  • Trade:  What did they trade?
  • Food and Natural Resources: What was available from the land? 
  • Slavery or Indentured Servants:  Did they have them?  Why or Why Not? 

2.  Geography & Climate

  • Location on a map
  • Type of land and it's value
  • Names of each colony in the region
  • Climate

3.  Religion

  • What religious group(s) settled there? 

4.  Culture

  • Population:  Who already lives there? 
  • Founders:  Who and Why? 
  • Recreational Activities:  What did they do for fun? 
  • Problems:  What were the colonies challenges?  

5:  Why is this region better than the other regions?  


This project is based on the Cranston Public Schools Social Studies curriculum project for Grade 5 Trimester 2.  

Project re-design by Mrs. Basso & Mrs. Theroux, Stadium Elementary School. 

LibGuide by Mrs. Basso, School Librarian