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Stadium Research Guides: RI Cities & Towns

Guides for class projects

Rhode Island Cities and Towns

Approved Websites

Books from Our Catalog

Look for books about Rhode Island at 973.5 in the Nonfiction section of our library.  Here are a few titles to get you started.

Research Assignment

Use books and approved websites to find information about a Rhode Island city or town.  Use this information to create a postcard inviting people to visit.  

Picture Side:  

Read the website to find all af this information about the city or town: 

  • City or Town?
  • County
  • Location on a RI map, neighboring cities or towns
  • Villages within the city or town
  • Population
  • Area in square miles 
  • Year Established
  • Form of Government

Letter Side:  

Read the town website to find out about any of these topics:   

  • Historical Events
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Notable People
  • Places to see
  • Things to do
  • Other interesting facts

Then write a letter to someone about the interesting information you discovered.  


This project is based on the Cranston Public Schools Social Studies curriculum project for Grade 4 Trimester 1.  

Project re-design by Mrs. Basso & Mrs. DelBonis, Woodridge Elementary School. 

LibGuide by Mrs. Basso, School Librarian