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Dunn's Corners Elementary School Library: Grade 2

Students in grade two have been practicing searching for books on our library online catalog.  Students have been searching by author, title, subject, series and keyword.  Once they find the book they want using the card catalog they are working to independently locate the book on the library shelves.  

 Some of our curricular goals for the upcoming school year include the following:
     Features of Non Fiction Text - table of contents, index, glossary, and title page
     Organization and Sections of the Library
     Features of Fiction Text - Retelling a Story
     Introduction to Reference Materials - dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases
     Author Study - Cynthia Rylant

Features of Non Fiction Text

Students in grade two will be studying the features of non fiction text in library classes.  As a reader of non fiction it is important for students to understand the organization of non fiction text.  We will primarily focus on table of contents, index, glossary, title page, and pictures or diagrams.  Student should be able to identify each feature and tell how that specific feature helps the reader.  If you child checks out a non fiction book from library have them identify features and their purpose with you during your nightly reading. 

Hour of Code

Students will be participating in the Hour of Code.  A nationwide program that encourages students to learn about computer coding. The students will be learning the basics of computer coding. in a fun and engaging way. This year hour of code has partnered with Disney and their new movie Moana if you would like more information go to