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Dunn's Corners Elementary School Library: Grade 4

Google Docs

Students in grade three and four will be learning the basics of Google Docs.  Each third grade student has access to a student gmail account.  Students will be emailed video clips on various Google Doc basics including:

  1. Creating a Document
  2. Adding a title
  3. Centering a title
  4. Changing fonts
  5. Changing margins
  6. Text alignment
  7. Inserting an image
  8. Spell Check

Students will be creating a document that will assess their skills using the basics of Google Docs. 

Curricular Goals

Our curriculum goals for the upcoming school year include the following:

  1. Accelerated Reader
  2. Google Docs Basics
  3. Using Destiny - the library online card catalog
  4. Close Reading of the text - using text to support opinions and answers
  5. Global Read Aloud
  6. Research Skills
  7. Notetaking
  8. Battle of the Books


Hour of Code

Students will be participating in the Hour of Code.  A nationwide program that encourages students to learn about computer coding. The students will be learning the basics of computer coding. in a fun and engaging way. This year hour of code has partnered with Disney and their new movie Moana if you would like more information go to