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St. Patrick Academy Library: Plagiarism

Plagiarism Policy in the SPA Parent-Student Handbook

Plagiarism Policy in the SPA Parent-Student Handbook 2016-2017: 

"At St. Patrick Academy, plagiarism – the unacknowledged use of another person’s work or ideas – is a form of cheating and is not tolerated. We expect all students to do their own work at all times. When using ideas generated by another person or source, whether from a book, the Internet, or another student, the original source must be formally cited. Plagiarism will result in an automatic grade of “0” for the particular assignment, and a disciplinary action; suspension or expulsion also may be the consequence for a student who chooses to plagiarize more than once. Students who are being tutored or being helped by another person must be especially careful to make sure the work done is theirs." Click here to see the full policy.

  • "Violation of the Academic Integrity policy may jeopardize a student's eligibility for or standing in the National Honor Society"(Pg.21).
  • "Repeat offenses of cheating will result in more serious disciplinary action, which may include suspension or expulsion"(Pg.21).



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