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Hope Highlands Middle School Library: Citation Station

What Is Plagiarism?


to use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas

definition courtesy of Merriam-Webster

Online Citation Makers

Fill-in-the-Blank Online Citation Maker courtesy of Oregon School Library Information System.


Citation Machine

Use Citation Machine when you are citing websites.

Paste the URL, Citation Machine will create the citation.

There is a Citation Machine widget at the top of every page at the OWL.


Still Not Sure What To Do?

The Owl at Purdue University is considered THE authority on MLA citations. If you are not sure how to cite your sources, or for other questions about MLA format including in-text citations visit the OWL for further help.

Why Cite?

In order to avoid plagiarising you must always cite your sources. Often called a bibliography, the Modern Language Association (MLA) refers to a list of sources as Works Cited. Cranston Public Schools follows MLA format when writing papers. Clicking on the black box on the left will take you to an online citation maker.

It always your responsibility to cite sources correctly. After using a citation generator, and copying and pasting the citations into your Google Doc, you must make sure that it is formatted correctly. Use the information and examples at the OWL to help you. (Link in Still Not Sure What To Do box.)

For sources other than books, and the most common online resources, click the link in the Still Not Sure What to Do? box. It will take you to the Online Writing Center (OWL) at Purdue University where you can find examples of other types of sources.

How To Tell If You Are Plagiarizing


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