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Stadium School Library: RICBA Award Nominees 2023

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Past RICBA Winners


2022: The Oldest Student

2022 Nominees List

2021: Titan and the Wild Boars:

The True Cave Rescue of the Thai Soccer Team

2021 Nominees List


2020: Inky's Amazing Escape

2020 Nominees List

2019: Sergeant Reckless

2019 Nominees List

2018: Wish

2018 Nominees List

2017: Sisters

2017 Nominees List


Sora Ebooks

RICBA eBooks will be available in Sora. The only way to access Sora is in Clever and clicking on the app. You will be logged in and can check books out and magazine. There are thousands to choose from. If something is out you can place a hold on it. To check on your holds, you must log into Sora. You will not be notified via email. If you log into Sora on a school device be sure to LOG OUT of Sora when you are done. Logging out of the device does not log you out of Sora.

E-Books at the Cranston Public Library!

Click the icon below to see what e-books the Cranston Public Library has available for you! (You'll need your library card number to borrow/read books this way. Download the Libby App.)

You can also get audio books! Great for the family and reading on the go!

Appreciation and Standards

Special thanks to Danielle Margarida for her help in creating most of this page.


V. A. 1: Reading widely and deeply in multiple formats and write and create for a variety of purposes.

1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning. 1.1.6 Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format (e.g., textual, visual, media, digital) in order to make inferences and gather meaning 3.1.3 Use writing and speaking skills to communicate new understandings effectively. 4.1.3 Respond to literature and creative expressions of ideas in various formats and genres. 4.1.5 Connect ideas to own interests and previous knowledge and experience.

Common Core

C.3.SL.1.d: Comprehension and Collaboration - Explain their own ideas and understanding in light of the discussion.

CC.5.R.L.2: Key Ideas and Details - Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text, including how characters in a story or drama respond to challenges or how the speaker in a poem reflects upon a topic; summarize the text.

 The Cross Curricular Proficiencies aligned to this activity include:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication