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East Providence High School Library: MLA

Purdue Online Writing Lab - MLA

Instructions for formatting MLA in Google Docs

  1. Open new Google doc
  2. Set font to Times Roman 12 point
  3. Set spacing to double
  4. Add MLA Heading in upper left corner
    • Your Name
    • Teacher's Name
    • Class
    • Date format - 15 January 2020
  5. Press enter only once
  6. Center align
  7. Type title of your paper
  8. Press enter once
  9. Left align
  10. Tab for indent and begin typing paper
  11. No extra spacing throughout
  12. For headers
    • "Insert" page number (choose upper left)
    • Add last name in front of page number
    • Change header info to Times Roman 12 point
  13. After last line of paper "Insert" page break
  14. Copy and paste your works cited 

Youtube Video - MLA format with Google Docs

My Bib


MyBib Instructions

Directions for creating a Works Cited page in MyBib

  1. Create or log into your account
  2. Start New Project
  3. Name the Project
  4. Add Citations (+Citations)
  • Website
  • Copy and paste URL
  • Click on website result
  • Try to find missing or incorrect information in website article
  • Click “Save”
  • Book with one Author
  • Click Book Tab
  • Type in ISBN number
  • Click on correct title
  • Click “Save”
  • Chapter in a Book
  • Find under “More”
  • Choose “Book Chapter”
  • Fill in information
  • Click "Save"
  • Database/E-Book articles
  • Copy formatted citation from database
  • Find under “More”
  • Choose Write/paste
  • Paste
  • Click “Save”
  1. When all citations are entered click the project name
  2. “Download Bibliography”
  3. Download to Google Drive
  4. Copy and paste the Works Cited page into your paper