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Hugh B. Bain Middle School Library : Reader/Writer Workshop- Components of the Universe


Books In The Library

Books about space are can be found using the following call numbers:

520-525- General books about space, the planets, and other space matter

629.4- Space travel

Biographies about astronauts or other space related people can be found in the Biography section. The call number is the first three letters of the last name of the person the book is written about.

Example: B GLE for a book about John Glenn.                                

World Book Online

World Book Online

Choose "Student" from the World Book choices.

Enter your topic in the search box.

Click on the article you want.

MLA citation information is located at the bottom of the article.

Great Space Websites!

Library Databases

Click on the image above. Password is bain.

Enter your topic in the search box.

You will be able to choose from reference, magazine and news articles. Videos and images may also be available.

MLA citation information is located at the bottom of each article or by clicking on Citation Station on the right side of each article.

You can even save your information to your Google Drive!

Google Citation Tool

Using the Google Citation Tool

  1. Open a Google Doc

  2. Click Tools

  3. Click Citations

  4. Click “Add citation source”

  5. Change the source type to website or other source you used (book, magazine, etc.)

  6. Search for the website address or input the information for your book, magazine, etc. source

  7. Click continue

  8. Click add citation source

  9. When you are finished citing your sources, click “Insert Works Cited.” This will give you a list of your sources on a new page with the heading “Works Cited.” They will also be properly spaced and in alphabetical order.