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Lippitt School Library: Makerspace!

Makerspace Information

A makerspace for kids and parents in a school library is a designated area that fosters creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning through the use of various tools, materials, and technology. It is a dynamic and interactive space where children and their parents can engage in activities that promote innovation, problem-solving, and exploration. The primary goal of a makerspace is to encourage a maker mindset, where individuals actively participate in the process of creating, experimenting, and designing.

Makerspace Skills!

  1. Imagine and Create: In the makerspace, you can dream up and build all sorts of amazing stuff. Think of it like a place where your ideas become real—making art, building cool structures, and creating awesome projects!

  2. Solve Fun Problems: Get ready for exciting challenges that make you think like a superhero! Solve real-world puzzles and learn new tricks to become a super problem-solver.

  3. Team Up for Fun: The makerspace is a team zone! Work with your family to share ideas and make incredible things together.

  4. Tech Adventures: Ever used a 3D printer or tried coding? In the makerspace, you can play with super cool technology and become a tech expert!

  5. Feel Like a Star: Every project you finish in the makerspace is a big win! See your creations come to life and feel like a superstar.

  6. Learn While Having a Blast: The makerspace is a place where learning is like going on a really fun adventure. Ask questions, explore, and discover new things