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Lippitt School Library: First

Welcome to the vibrant world of first-grade learning in our school library! Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to nurture the young minds of our first-grade students, blending essential literacy skills with the joy of exploration. From introducing the magic of books to delving into exciting adventures through thematic activities, our first-grade library curriculum aims to instill a lifelong love for reading. Throughout the school year, students will engage in a variety of activities, from seasonal tales that connect with their experiences to social-emotional learning initiatives that foster empathy and cooperation. Our library is not just a space for books; it's a hub of discovery where first graders embark on a journey of learning and personal growth. Explore the resources and activities curated in this guide to enhance your child's first-grade library experience. Let the pages of our library be a gateway to a world of knowledge and imagination!

National Geographic for Kids


Animal Fact Guide

Fact Zoo


AbcYA Keyboard Challenge

Clever Log In



Build a Gingerbread House - Click and Drag