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Lippitt School Library: Coding

Coding Introduction

In our library, we're diving into the awesome world of coding! Coding is like giving instructions to computers to make them do cool things. We use fun games to learn how to talk to computers and solve puzzles. Imagine it like creating your own magical spells for a computer! The library turns into a super fun place where you can play and learn at the same time. These coding games help you become a computer whiz, but they're not just about that – they also help you be more creative, work with friends, and think really smart! So, come join the adventure in our library, where coding becomes a super fun and natural part of how we learn and play! 🚀✨

Moana: Wayfinding with Code

Minecraft Hour of Code

SciGirls: Code Quest

Dance Party

Code With Anna and Elsa

Undersea Arcade

Star Wars


Make a Flappy Game