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Cranston High School East Library: Salimeno - Robber Barons

The Robber Barons

The Robber Barons of the 19th century were wealthy and powerful businessmen who made their fortunes using what many considered to be unethical or unjust tactics.  Learn more about them by using the links on this page.  

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Robber Barons Prezi

View this Prezi by Annie Chuang to learn about the 19th Century Robber Barons.  This Prezi can also be viewed at

World Book Student

Worldbook Online contains short biographical articles about the Robber Barons of the 19th century.  Look them up by name by typing in the search box below.  

Biography Collection Complete

Use EBSCO's Biography Collection Complete to read short articles about the 19th century Robber Barons. - Captains of Industry

Visit to watch short videos about several of the Robber Barons.