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Cranston High School East Library: Berstein - Portfolio Uploads

RIEPS To Google Drive - Option 1

Follow these step-by-step directions written by Mr. Ruscito to transfer your assignments from RIEPS to Google Drive:
  1. Log in to RIEPS.
  2. Only select the classes and common tasks with a 3 or 4 (students need to verify if it was returned), if it was not at this point, there is no way to chase down a teacher now to do it.
  3. Print Screen the assignment with the score (not the rating).
  4. Paste that print screen into a Google Doc with name of the class and assignment.
  5. Download the student attachments or print screen if they wrote it in the assignment box.
  6. Make a Google Drive folder called Portfolio
  7. Move the Print Screen Google Doc to the Portfolio Folder.
  8. Upload the file artifacts in the Google Drive 
  9. Move the files to the Portfolio folder.
  10. Go on to the next common task.

RIEPS To Google Drive - Faster Alternative

A CHSE student, Rashard, has written a program that will automatically download all of your assignments from RIEPS. These assignments may then be uploaded to Google Drive.  From start to finish, this entire process takes only about 5 minutes. Visit for more information. There is a small fee to use this service.