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Cranston High School East Library: Aucoin - Career Prep: Third Quarter

Assignment Information

Career Prep:

Mr. Aucoin Period 1

Complete the following steps

Each step is considered a homework grade which will lead to a double grade test grade assignment.

Each homework grade will have to be typed on Google docs or Word and handed in on time

MLA setup otherwise points will be taken off

Each homework assignment will continue on the same Google docs or Word document previously used.


Please complete the following criteria.


The student will decide upon two post-secondary schools to further their education.

  • Step 1: (Homework Grade) Go to ...Pick two colleges or universities...One Division I and other Division II

    • Find the following information for each school: Names...Nicknames….Logos.....Address….Colors...Mission statements…. Web Site addresses

  • Step 2: (Homework Grade).. Visit the websites of the schools you chose...History of both schools,total enrollment, endowment and US News ranking, undergraduate students by gender, ethnicity nationality,  number of degrees granted, financial aid, undergraduate tuition,room, board and fees, athletic programs, faculty/student ratio and extracurriculars.

  • Step 3: (Homework Grade) Define the future job market in the state or states that you choose to attend. Select a degree and provide a description of the program of studies. Why did you choose these two colleges?

  • Step 4: (Homework Grade) Provide a snapshot of campus life at the two universities

  • Step 5: (Homework Grade) Provide a snapshot of the area the surround the campus.  Include nightlife, museums, businesses, sporting and recreational activities

  • Step 6: (Homework Grade) With your undergraduate major, explain and create an overview of this degree and some of the unique classes within. Remember to compare and contrast both colleges

TEST GRADE: Double Grade

Create a well-written compare and contrast paper.  I am seeking a strong introduction, two body paragraphs and a very strong conclusion based on the information that was gathered in the step process, and the decision of which academic institution you may attend.


  • Introduction: Include a factual overview about each school.  Include information found in Steps 1-3

  • Body Paragraphs: Compare and contrast the two schools.  Include information found in Steps 4- 6.

  • Conclusion: State your opinion as to which school is the better choice.  Support your opinion with reasons that you found in your research.    


MLA Setup:


Your Name (B,C and D) or (E,F and G)

Mr. Aucoin

Career Prep

1 March 2017


A E Informational Writing



Use the note taking sheet below to record your information.  You will open this document in "View" mode, and then choose "Make a Copy" to save it to your Google Drive for editing.  You will share this document with Mr. Aucoin at to receive your grade. You do not need to print your note taking sheet.