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EP Library Lessons: Mac Desktop

Diagram of a Desktop

Finder, Folders, and Files in a Flash

Finder helps you organize your folders and files on your Flash Drive just like an old fashioned file cabinet. 

Name your folders, files, and flash drives in a way that makes sense! 

Name your flash drive:  Lastname Flash

Name your folders:  by the subject or topic of files in the folder 

Writing - for papers you write

Science - for your science project documents

Library - for your library documents

Name your files:  by the assignment and your last name 

I am Poem Lastname.doc

Planets Lastname.ppt


Application:  a software tool

Desktop: the main screen on your computer 

Dock: the shelf at the bottom of the screen with your most used application icons

Files:  each item you created in an application

Finder:  the application that shows where everything is on your computer

Folder: a place to organize your files

Icons:  images that represent an application or file on the computer

Menu Bar:  drop down options for using the open application

Spotlight:  a tool to search the computer for applications or files

Status Bar:  tells the status of the computer operations like wifi

Widgets:  the Mac word for icons, images that represent a application or file

Window:  the box on the desktop that shows the information being used


Watch these videos to see how to use Mac desktop features. 

Anatomy of a Mac

Finder Basics