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EP Library Lessons: Author Studies

Patricia Polacco

FInd out all about Patricial Polacco.  

Watch this Reading Rockets Video Interview of her.

Seymour Simon

Nic Bishop

Eric Carle

Activity: Diamante Poem

Think about your family.  

Tell about your family by writing a Diamante Poem.

Diamonte Poem

Activity: Read & Write like Seymour Simon

1.  Explore Seymour Simon's Books both online and in our library.  

2.  Pick a scientific topic of your choice such as an animal or plant, a weather phenomenon, or a space topic.  

3.  Find a great picture of your topic using this website:

4.  Research the topic shown in the picture.

5.  Copy the picture into a word document and write a paragraph about it based on your research.  

Activity: Author Interview

How did Steve Jenkins become the author and photographer he is today?  

Research answers to this question by "interviewing" Nic Bishop.