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Peace Dale Elementary School Library: New! RI Curriculum Guide for School Libraries!

RI School Library Curriculum Guide


Click on the photo to see the new RI School Library Curriculum Guide!

Our new Curriculum Guide incorporates the AASL Library Standards (see below) as well as ISTE Standards.


AASL Standards for School Libraries


The American Association of School LIbrarians (AASL) remodeled School Library Standards in the Fall of 2017.

The standards are not a curriculum, but rather provide a guideline or structure for what happens in effective school libraries. 

The AASL Standards Framework reflects a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning by demonstrating the connection

between learner, librarian, and library standards.

Link to the AASL Standards

Link to AASL Standards & Future Ready Libraries Crosswalk

Link to AASL Standards & ISTE Standards Crosswalk