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Peace Dale Elementary School Library: Gr. 2 WIN Block 2022-23


The goal for this project was to introduce students to an organized approach to research, including use of print (and online) sources, note-taking, and the importance of citing sources.

Second grade students were asked to pick an animal that they had questions about and would want to research. We used a "KWL" Chart (What I KNOW, What I WANT to know, and What I LEARNED) to organize 4 questions that each student had about their animal. Each of the 4 questions was assigned a number, and each question had it's own note-taking page. Students learned about the importance of citing their sources, so each page started out by naming the source. Once the questions were answered (and sources were cited), students filled in a google slide template to show the four facts that they found, along with their sources.

One example of the KWL Chart and Note-Taking Page are shown here: