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Fifth Grade Library Class: Citizenship

Citizen Definition

What is a citizen?

  • A member of a community, someone entitled to the rights and privileges of the group, but also someone who owns allegiance to a government or organized body/group.

5 Themes of Citizenship

 The five themes of citizenship --

  • honesty
  • compassion
  • respect
  • responsibility 
  • courage 


Role Playing


  • You find out that a friend had no time to study for a test because she had to help around the house when her mother was sick. So your friend cheats on the test. What do you say to her? What do you do? Do you tell the teacher?


  • Lunch is over. You and your table of friends cannot wait to get outside to play. Everyone stands up to leave and you notice trash all over the table. Do you clean the trash up? Do you ask your friends to clean up the table as well? What do you say?

Rings of Responsibility

Ripple Effect

Citizen Kid