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Fifth Grade Library Class: Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship  appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

What Does Digital Citizenship Include?

Digital Citizenship Scenarios

  1. School has a no cell phone use policy unless approved by the teacher for class work. Jack's mother sends Jack a text during class. Should Jack answer his mother?


  1. Julia and Sammy took pictures of one another at a sleep over. One of the pictures is of Sammy sleeping with her mouth open, drooling. The picture of Sammy is not very flattering. Should Julia post it?


  1. Mrs. Mouradjian wants the sixth graders to use Codecademy to learn how to write code. The Child On-Line Protection Act (COPA) says that children under 13 can only use websites with parental permission. What should Mrs. Mouradjian do because most of the students are 12 years old?