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Fifth Grade Library Class: Databases

Thank You

Thanks to the Wheeler School Prescott Library for allowing NPS to model this page from their website.

Simple Database Explanation

A database is a simple way of storing and presenting data in a convenient way.

What is a Database?

Database are sets of electronic resources subscribed to by the NPS library. Databases provide factual information and can be easily searched.


Database versus Websites

Library Databases


Are published by reliable companies with editors Websites can be written by anyone.
Contain published works where facts are checked Websites not always checked by an expert
Are organized for research Often are not organized for a student's research
Provide a convenient place for different types of research materials for students Too many search results may slow down research


When do I Use a Database?

Use Databases When:

Use Websites When:

  • You need factual information and research
  • You are looking for an overview of a topic
  • You are willing to evaluate the website and its' content
  • You want to access government websites
  • You need to be efficient, databases save time when searching.
  • A database provides one stop access to factual information
  • You need recent information such as breaking news, or recent events that would not be in a database.
  • You need to explore ideas for a topic or do "presearch"
  • School projects usually require information from databases.
  • When you want to access digital collections like the British Museum, the New York Times, Library of Congress