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Fifth Grade Library Class: Evaluating Websites


  • Accurate - free from mistakes or errors
  • Expert  a person who has special skill or knowledge relating to a particular subject
  • Objective based on facts rather than feelings or opinions
  • Current- up to date

World Book

World Book Evaluate Your Sources


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URL Diagram

URLs/Domain Names

URL -Uniform Resource Locator The address to a resource on the Internet. The domain name consists of two parts. The first part is usually the organization's name.The second part tells the searcher what type of organization the site is.


.gov- government

.mil- military

.edu- education

.com-commercial site


Hint- When using .com or .org scrutinize the site carefully.

  • Domain names can be restricted or unrestricted
  • Restricted domains require the website to meet certain requirements. For example .edu must be an accredited educational institution.
  • Unrestricted domains such as .org, .com, can be used by anyone

Decoding URLs

Website Evaluation

5 Ws of Website Evaluation

Who, What, Where, When and Why

Website Evaluation RADCAB

Click on the words in BOLD  for further information.


Relevancy   Is the information relevant to the question at hand? Am I on the right track? Is the information suitable to my age and beliefs? Is it too easy or too hard?

Accuracy  Check the information against other sources. Is the information similar?   Is it free from spelling mistakes or other errors?

Objectivity/Bias  Why was this information written? Was it written to inform,  persuade, entertain, or sell me something?

Currency  Is the information up to date? Look at the (C) date. How old is the information?


Authority Who is the author of the information? What are his or her qualifications? Is it a scientist writing about global warming?  Is the author an expert? 


URL/Domain Check the website's address. The first part is usually the organization's name, the second part tells the searcher what type of organization the site is. Some sites are more reliable than others.