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Winman Library: Ancient Egypt

Summer 2023

Ancient Egypt

Welcome to the Ancient Egypt Research Page!     

Tips and Tricks for Research

Tips And Tricks Vector Art & Graphics |

Research Tips and Tricks:

1.  Make sure that your sources are RELIABLE.  Here's a poster to help you remember questions to ask yourself when considering a website for a resource::  Poster: 5Ws of Website Evaluation

2.  Avoid plagiarism.  Here's a quick video to remind you how to avoid stealing other people's work.  

This Video: Citing Sources, Why and How to do it is also helpful.  

3.  Set up a graphic organizer or note-taking system:

There are many ways to take notes, but you should include the following key points on sources that you use:

4.  Keep track of resources as you use them!!


1.  Find books in the library:

2.  Find scholarly ebooks on Ebsco Books Online

Free Images

Search these sites for images you can use freely.