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Stone Hill Elementary School Library: Simple Machines

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Simple machines can help make work easier.  

Look at the picture of the simple machines.  

Can you think of examples in school and in your home ?  

Look around!  Be a good detective and see how many you can find.


Read the directions on each page and let  WALLY the WORKING ANT help you to learn about simple machines.


Click on a simple machine.  

Read the paragraph.

There are examples to study and movies to enjoy.

To go back, click on WALLY.

Have fun with WALLY the WORKING ANT!


Simple Machines Video

Learning can be fun when we sing along!

Have you seen the six simple machines in this video?

Can You Label the Simple Machines?

Can you find and label the simple machines?  

Simple Machine at Work

Can a simple machine pop a balloon?

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