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Stone Hill Elementary School Library: Welcome to School / Book Care Basics

Essential Question

How can I show that I am ready for kindergarten and checking out library books?

Lesson 1 - Welcome!

  • Introduction: Welcome the students to the library and start learning names. Ask if any of them have ever been to a library before. Explain that at the school library, we read books, play games, and do activities. But we always need to make sure we are following school rules.
  • Readaloud: Read The Book of Rules, written by Brian Gehrlein and illustrated by Tom Knight.
  • Discussion: What are some ways that school is different from home?
  • Activity: TBD because I'm redoing this


Lesson 2 - First Checkout

  • Review and discussion: Ask the kids ways they have shown Bulldog behavior this week. Then ask what they know about taking care of books.
  • Readalouds: Read Never Let  a Ghost Borrow Your Library Book by Karen Casale / illustrated by Cecilia Rebora. Point out any rules that the students already shared. (Skip the fine print.)
  • ​Activity: Explain how checkout works and then call students to choose their books. Some classroom teachers prefer their kids to keep their books in their desks; for the kids who will be taking their books home, give them a note to share with their grownups (see sample below).

    Everyone can also get a coloring paper of book care rules.

    If there is time, ask the students to look for a white label on their book. Explain that it's called a "call number" and tells us where the book lives on the shelf.

Standards Addressed

AASL: III.D.1 - Actively contribute to group discussions; V.A.1 - Read widely and deeply in multiple formats and write and create for a variety of purposes 

RI Core: R.I.K.10 - Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding; SL.K.1 - Participate in collaborative conversations

Rhode Island Cross-Curricular Proficiencies: Collaboration - Provide examples of how words, actions, attitudes and behaviors impact others; Communication - Use a method of communication (e.g., written, oral, visual, graphic, audio, and/or interactive) to present ideas

Rhode Island School Library Curriculum Priority Skills: 2.1 - Participates in discussions about stories and other texts that have been read aloud; 3.1 - Respects the rights of others to express ideas, use the library, and have equitable access to the resources by listening respectfully, following the rules and procedures of the library, and returning all resources on time; 4.1Requests/chooses materials related to personal interests / Respects personal space and the boundaries of others