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Jamestown Schools Libraries: Melrose and Lawn: Grade 6 Activists

Welcome to the Jamestown School Libraries!

Completed Activist Projects

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Show What You Know!

NoodleTools Citation Generator

Take notes and cite your resources

NoodleTools Tutorials

1. How to create a project in NoodleTools 

Do this first! Sign in to NoodleTools with your Jamestown School Google Account. Create a Project. Name the project YOUR NAME and the NAME OF THE CAREER you are researching.

Noodle Tools Projects Screen Explained 

Understand all of the elements of the NoodleTools Project screen.

2. How to Share a Project with Your Teacher 

Read these instructions to share your project with Mrs. Geary. This is required the first day of this project.

3. Create a Citation Using NoodleTools 

Watch this video to learn how to cite a resource using NoodleTools. Remember: You must create at least three citations in MLA format. 

Noodle Tools Sources Screen Explained 

Understand all of the elements of the NoodleTools Sources screen.

4. Create Your First Notecard using NoodleTools 

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a notecard using NoodleTools.

5. How to Complete a Notecard 

Watch this tutorial to understand how to accurately complete a notecard using NoodleTools.

The NoodleTools Notecard Table Top View Explained

The NoodleTools Notecard Detail View Explained