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NoodleTools Sources Screen Explained

NoodleTools Notecard Tabletop Explained

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Printing Your Works Cited Using NoodleTools

Printing Works Cited from NoodleTools Step 1











1.  Log in to your NoodleTools account.  Select the Sources tab at the top.

2.  Hover your cursor over the Print/Export button from the Sources toolbar.  Select Print/Export to Google Docs.

Printing Works Cited from NoodleTools Step2










3. NoodleTools will automatically create a new Google Doc that is saved immediately in your Google Drive.  The title of the document will start with "Sources for PROJECT TITLE."

NoodleTools will automatically format your citations in alphabetical order with a hanging indent.  This document will also have the correct margins (1 inch) so do not change the document settings.

Video Tutorial for Printing/Exporting Works Cited from NoodleTools