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Pell Elementary School Library: The Big6

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The Big6

The Big6 Approach

One well known approach to teaching information literacy skills is the Big6, which was created by educators Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz.  Mike Eisenberg describes the Big6 as "an information and technology literacy model and curriculum, implemented in thousands of schools – K through higher education. Some people call the Big6 an information problem-solving strategy because with the Big6, students are able to handle any problem, assignment, decision or task".

The Big 6 Research Model

The Research Process

Conducting research is a process.  Learning some simple steps can help make your work efficient and successful. With the help of this guide, you will learn the Big 6 Research Process. This approach can help you structure your research and can be applied to any research assignment with which you are faced. View the following Prezi (created by Christine Gudowski and made available for educators) for an introduction to the Big6 and the research process.

Big6 Websites

Permissions for Use

The “Big6™” is copyright © (1987) Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. For more information, visit: