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Pell Elementary School Library: Explorers

Library Policy

Big6 bookmark

Check your Big 6 step. Where are you now?

Evaluate your sources

What source was best for you?

Click here to evaluate the sources you used to find information about your explorers.


Steps 3 and 4

We will need three sources: a book, an encyclopedia, a website


Blabberize your Explorer

Click here to Blabberize your explorer.


Click on the icon to make an animation about your explorer

Click here to create a comic using Make Beliefs Comics.

Make a Google SLIDE show.

Go to your folder in DRIVE and create your show there.

Click here to BLABBERIZE your EXPLORER:

The Big 6 Research Model

Type your explorer's last name to find facts in Worldbook Student

Explorer Links

Enchanted Learning Zoom Explorers


Find a Picture of your EXPLORER

Look up your explorer in Creative Commons and save a picture in your file in DRIVE.


Click here to search:

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