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Pell Elementary School Library: Welcome to the library

Library Policy


Day 1:

  • I will introduce myself, assign seats to the Students  and Introduce Pete The Cat. Rocking in My School Shoes while the computer reads along. Then  the students will brainstorm what they think they can do in the media center… reading, looking, sitting, laughing, whispering, talking, researching,

Day 2:

  • Students will find their assigned seats.  We will read the book The Shelf ELf while the computer reads along. Students will identify ways to take care of library materials. I will introduce The Shelf Elf Poem which we will use  to begin out library lessons.

Day 3

  • Students will find their assigned seats. We will recite chorally The Shelf Elf Poem which we will use to begin out library lessons. After reviewing the shelf elf's book care rules, ew will read What happened to Marions book. We will picture walk through the book to determine if Marion followed the Shelf Elf's rules or suggest what she should do differently next time she borrows a book from the library.

Day 4-6

  • We will review three centers where students will practice practice book care skills. Students will go to centers.


Pete the Cat - Rocking in my School Shoes

Meet Pete the Cat and learn about his school day.

The Shelf Elf

Mr. Wiggles


Don't Let the Pigeon drive the bus


The monster at the end of this book

Subject Guide