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Narragansett Pier School Library: Helping Students Check Their Facts

Fact Checking Resources

  • AllSides. This site curates sources from the right, center and left leaning media, allowing readers to garner a balanced view of current events. 

  • This non partisan organization monitors the factual accuracy of U.S. politicians.

  • Media Matters. Non-profit liberal site that fact checks and corrects conservative misinformation.

  • NewsBusters. Sponsored by the conservative Media Research Center, "exposes liberal media bias." 

  • PolitiFact. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this website rates the accuracy of claims by politicians.

  • ProPublica. Investigative journalism website. Winner of the Pulitzer prize

  • Snopes. Fact checking resource from 1994. The site explores urban legends, folklore and politics. 

  • The Sunlight Foundation. A national, nonpartisan organization that advocates for open government. 

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