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Oak Lawn School Library: Grade 5 Social Studies - November


1. Find information about your topic from at least three different sources. See below for suggested databases and web sites.

2. Keep track of where you get your facts, so that you can create a bibliography citing your sources. See the next tab for formatting information.

3. Write a report of at least 5 paragraphs, sharing what you have learned.

4. Draw a picture having to do with your topic. Remember, if you are creating a version of an old engraving or painting, you must also credit the original artwork.

5. Prepare a presentation to teach your classmates about your topic.

Since, as far as we know, none of you are 400 years old nor have access to a time machine, you need to give credit to the sources where you found your information. This includes books, articles, and web sites. Here's how to write them in your bibliography/works cited page using MLA 8style, per the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Email Ms. Moore at you have any questions or if you find a source type that isn't listed below.



Author. Book title. Publisher, Publication date.

Waters, Kate. Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl. Scholastic, 1989.


Encyclopedia Article

Author. "Article title." Name of encyclopedia. Publisher, Publication date. (Note: If accessed online, include the date).

Morris, Michelle. "Mayflower Compact." World Book Student. World Book, 2016. Accessed 11 Nov. 2016.


Magazine Article found on Explora

Author. "Article title." Magazine name, vol. X, no. X, year, pages. (Note: This can be scooped up from the results page and reformatted.) Explora. Accessed DD Month YYYY.

Tougias, Michael J. "Samoset and Squanto." Cobblestone, vol, 22, no. 6, p. 20-24. Explora. Accessed 11 Nov. 2016.


Web Site

Author. "Article title." Web site name, URL. Accessed DD Month YYYY.

Johnson, Caleb. "The Wampanoag.", Accessed 11 Nov. 2016.



Author. "Name of video." Web site where you found it, uploaded by Uploader, date, URL.

"David Blackwell - 2012 National Medal of Science." Youtube, uploaded by National Medals, 5 Dec. 2104,



  • Puritanism and Separatists
  • King Philip's War
  • Miles Standish
  • The first Thanksgiving
  • William Brewster
  • Samoset
  • Squanto
  • Mayflower Compact
  • The Wampagnoag
  • Daily life on Plimoth Plantation
  • Edward Winslow
  • William Bradford


Online Resources from

NOTE: To use these free resources, you must be using a computer with a Rhode Island IP address.


Each article gives you its citation at the end, and you can also access images, videos, and links to related articles.


You can narrow your search results to "magazines" and look for Cobblestone and Scholastic, which are written for students. American History and Smithsonian are also very good, although they'll be a little harder to read. 

Web Sites

NOTE: Ms. Moore checked out all of these sites, and they're legit! If you find other sites on your own, be sure to evaluate them for credibility before using the for your research. You can also send the URL to Ms. Moore at, and she can let you know whether it's good to use for school.