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Rocky Hill Country Day School Library: Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools

Take your presentations to the next level with the tools linked below. Remember to give attribution to the creators of all content that you use -- text, images, videos, music, etc. Go to the Research Tab for more information about how to cite sources. If you are going to publish your presentation outside of RHCD, be sure to use content with the proper Creative Commons license. Click here for more information about Creative Commons licenses.


Adobe Creative Cloud Suite:

All RHCD faculty, staff, and students can use SSO (single sign-on) with your GSuite account to log in and access any Adobe Creative Cloud products including downloadable products such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro video editing, and Adobe PDF editing software. To get started, download the Creative Cloud app here.

You can also check out Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) for some web-based media creation that you can use on the fly.



Multimedia Presentation Platforms

Image by gstudioimagen on Freepik

Book Creator

We have a subscription to Book Creator that gives access to premium content including unlimited libraries, 1000 books, real-time collaboration, and special features like emojis, the ability to embed Google Maps, an icon library, and in-app chat support. See Ms. Gustavel for a library activation code.

Audio Resoureces

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Image Resources

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