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Rocky Hill Country Day School Library: 8th Grade Expos Presentations

8th Grade Expos Presentations


1. When is my presentation due?

All 8th grade students will be presenting on Tuesday, May 2nd. Your completed slides are due April 13th so that you have several weeks to practice your presentation.

2. Who will I be presenting to?

You will be presenting to a group of approximately 45 people (MS students, family members, faculty, administrators).

3. Where will I be presenting?

We will be split into 3 groups for presentations. Groups will be in the Library, the MS Commons, and the Flynn Lecture Hall.

4. How long should my presentation be?

Your presentation should last 10-12 minutes. You will then have 3-5 minutes for questions and comments.

5. How is my presentation being assessed?

You will receive feedback on this rubric from faculty and peers.

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