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Rocky Hill Country Day School Library: Columbian Exchange Google Tour Project

Welcome to the Columbian Exchange Google Tour LibGuide

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.04.34 PM.pngIn the boxes below, you will find:

  • a link to the project directions
  • a box with resources that will help you answer your research questions
  • a box that contains links to sites that allow you to search for photos available for reuse

As you research, remember to:

  • paraphrase and summarize information in your own words
  • document your sources
  • reach out for help if you have questions

Project Directions

 The Story of a Commodity or Disease & Globalization - Google Earth Tour Project


Guiding Research Questions 

Seek to find information on these questions

  1. Where did ___ originate from?  

  2. Where did _____ get introduced to? By Who? How? Why? 

  3. How did the use or purpose of ____  change over time? 

  4. What were the impacts of ____ on it’s new culture/society/economics/the environment? 

  5. What is important to share in telling the story of  ___ and its role in the Columbian Exchange (the beginning of globalization)?

  6. What is important to share in telling the story of  ___ and its role in globalization today? 


Research Resources