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Glen Hills Elementary School Library: TOOLS

VENN Diagram


Drawing Tool

Click on the ABCYA Paint link at the bottom of this box.


Click on the pencil to draw.

Choose the size of the line you'd like to use by clicking on the dot.  

Be sure you draw in BLACK ink!  

Be sure to FILL THE SCREEN with your drawing and writing!

You may also try using the markers or paint brush.

To write, click on Aaa.  

Then choose the size of your font (letter size).  Click on the page and begin typing.  

BEWARE: The typing box can be a bit quirky.  Notice that it is a yellow box.


 When you are done, USE THE ARROW KEYS to move the cursor and correct any errors.  Once the box turns red, it is very tricky to make corrections. 


When your work is complete, click the PRINT button on the left of the screen.