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Glen Hills Elementary School Library: Grade 4: Animals

Websites and Databases

These are safe and accurate websites and databases for researching this project.  Not all animals will be found on every site!


Try these databases!  Type your animal name in the search box.

Books from our Catalog


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Use our library catalog to locate books about your animal.  

Animals books can be found in several places in our library. You may browse the bookshelves in the Everybody Nonfiction and Nonfiction sections.  Look for these Dewey Decimal numbers.

590 Animals

595 Insects

597 Fish

597 Reptiles

598 Birds

599 Mammals

There are also several animal books in the reference section.

REF 590 BUR The First Encyclopedia of Animals

REF 590 FAX The Kingfisher First Animal Encyclopedia

REF 590 JAC Anmals

REF 590 PRI Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals

The Student Discovery Encyclopedia

World Book Encyclopedia