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Glen Hills Elementary School Library: Grade 4: Immigration

Coming to America

What was it like to begin a new life in a new country?


What was it like to enter America at Ellis Island around the turn of the 20th Century? View this Virtual Tour to learn about this first immigration stop in America.

Take an interactive tour of Ellis Island.

"From Ellis Island to Orchard Street"

Now it's your turn to become a turn of the century immigrant.  Choose your image, create a passport, pack your bags and begin your journey!

Click Here: 1916!

Immigration ThinkQuest

The Immigration ThinkQuest was created by students for students to share information about the plight of immigrants coming to America.  What hardships did people have in leaving their European homeland?  Why did people choose to leave their lives in Africa or China?

Read the short retellings as folks began a new life in the new world. 

Their Stories



HP1.1 Students act as historians, using a viarety of tools

HP1-1.c Organizing information obtained to answer historical questions

HP2-3a Interpreting and explaining similarities and differences in ideas or beliefs from the past and present

HP3-2 Students make personal connections in an historical context

HP3-2a Using a variety of sources to reconstruct the past, understand the present and make predictions for the future


R4-7 Informational Texts: Initial Understanding of Informational Text

R4-7.2 Using information from the text to answer questions related to explicitly stated main ideas or key details

R4-7.3 Oganizing information to show understanding

R4-8 Informational Texts:  Analysis and Interpretation of nfomraitonsl Texts, 

R4-8.1 Connecting informatin wihtin a text or across texts

R4-8.2 Synthesizing information wihtin or across texts

R4-8.5 Making inferences about causes or effects

R4-12.2 Evaluating informatin presented in terms of relevance


Access information efficiently and effectively.

Identify, locate, access and retrieve information in all formats

Evaluate information critically and competently

Organize and evaluate information in all formats

Modern Day Immigrants

World Map

Immigration Stories

A Virtual Voyage to Ellis Island