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Glen Hills Elementary School Library: REFERENCE at the Cranston Public LIbrary

All Cranston Students now have access to through the Cranston Public Library's website.

Students need a Cranston Public Library card to make a account.  

Students can fill out a form and give it to their school librarians to get a free public library card if they do not have one or have misplaced it.  
Once they have an account they can: 
  • Chat with a tutor about a homework question
  • Drop off an essay for editing
  • Take practice tests, including SAT/ACT
  • Watch videos about concepts they are learning
All tutors are qualified in their subject areas and grade levels, and students' privacy is strictly protected. 
Tutors are  available from 12 PM to 12 AM.



World Book Kids is an online encyclopedia for primary grade students.

You can browse by topics.

You can search by keyword.

World Book Student

World Book Student is an online encyclopedia for elementary and middle grade students.

You can search by keyword.

Use the Article Contents menu on the left to help you navigate the article.


World Book Advanced is an online encyclopedia for high school students.

You can keyword search.



CultureGrams is a database that gives cultural information about countries around the world.  There are four parts:  the World Edition (for junior high school students and up) and the Kids, States, and Canadian Provinces editions (for upper elementary school students). Click on the picture to access CultureGrams.  Then choose a section to explore.

See Ms. Manion for the username and password.


Click on the picture to access    




Mango is a great place to learn a language! 

World Almanac For Kids!

This is a fabulous resource that's available to us courtesy of distance learning.

This is so cool!

Click on the icon to get started.

Image result for World Book Almanac for kids online


Username: rilinkrc

Password: digital

(Just cut and paste the password in!  Easiest way to avoid typos!)