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North Smithfield High School Library: Arts:


"Testorf Portrayed in Braids" (1977) by Andrew Wyeth

"Untitled (Helga Looking from Afar)" (1979) by Andrew Wyeth

"Alice in Wonderland" (1951) by Mary Blair

"Disney South American Goodwill Tour" (1941) by Mary Blair

"The Gods of Mars" (1971) by Frank Frazetta

"Savage World" (1981) by Frank Frazetta

"Follow Your Dreams - Cancelled" (2010) by Banksy

(The Queen as Ziggy Stardust) Mural by Banksy (2012)

Boston Public Library:

"Butterflies" (1950) by M.C. Escher

The Boston Public Library has made its eye-catching collection of M.C. Escher prints available online.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET):

"Marsyas" (1680-1685) by Balthasar Permoser

Online features highlighting a wide variety of art-related topics.

British Journal of Photography:

Eva O’Leary, from the series Happy Valley (2019)

The British Journal of Photography takes an international perspective on contemporary photography, focusing on fine art and documentary, and the cutting edge of editorial and commercial practices.

General Art Resources:

Google Arts & Culture:

"Bouquet of Flowers" (1900-1905)

by Odilon Redon

Use this site to explore art collections from around the world!