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North Smithfield High School Library: I-Search Research:

I-Search Research:

Knowledge is Power!

This page contains resources that will help you explore your topic. Start here, and if you need to branch out, make sure you choose reputable organizations and publications for your information. If you are not sure how to determine this, please ask Mrs. Camara, or your teacher, for help prior to using the source.

Resources with information on a wide range of topics:


Start here!

A wide range of information on a giant range of topics!!

The CRAAP Test:

If not using a library database, make sure you have a relevent source!

Use the checklist above to evaluate your sources.

MLA formatting and examples:


Keep track of your resources while you are researching:

NSHS Library Materials:

NCS Library Website: Destiny Library Catalog - Powered By OnCourse Systems  For Education

Search for library books with the above link!


Today's Science:

A database containing scientific articles on a large range of topics

username: nshs -- password: northmen



World History in Context

Access Code: ns30344

Issues & Controversies in American History

username: nshs -- password: northmen