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North Smithfield High School Library: Women's Suffrage:

Women's Suffrage Resources:


Use the resources gathered below for reputable information on topics related to Women's Suffrage/The 19th Amendment!

Issues & Controversies in American History Database:

username: nshs

 password: northmen

**Cites sources for you!**

Library of Congress:

Shall not be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote!

An Exhibit set up by the Library of Congress split into the following sections:

World History in Context Database:

This resource will help students gain a more complete understanding of the people and cultures that formed our collective history.

**Cites sources for you!**

The NS High School Password for this database is ns30344

Annenberg Public Policy Center:

The 19th Amendment: A Woman's Right to Vote

(approx. 27 min.)

National Women's History Museum:

Crusade for the vote:

This site contains a wide range of information on different aspects of the suffrage movement. It also contains a question section which could help in the creation of a thesis statement.

Library of Congress:


Search here to read documents in their original format from the Suffragist Movement and much more!

Chronicling America:

Search America's historic newspapers from 1789-1963!

**Cites sources for you!**


Votes for Women - A Portrait of Persistence:

"Votes for Women features more than 120 portraits and objects spanning 1832 to 1965 that explore the American suffrage movement and the political challenges women faced."

MLA formatting and examples:


Use the link above to find the correct formatting for your Annotated Bibliography citations!